Why Do You Need a Child Education Plan in Life Insurance?

We understand this concern. As a parent, one of your biggest worries is ensuring the future of your child with regard to their education. The cost of education is going up in Canada, so without a plan, covering these costs can be stressful. It is here where making a child education plan a rider on your Life Insurance Policies comes into play. In this post, we will dive deep into why one needs a child education plan as part of their financial strategy and how Life Insurance can fill an essential role in all this.

The Rising Cost of Education

One can go as far as to say that taking the varying levels of education examined, education in Canada, despite being world-class, is expensive, and post-secondary education is especially so. A recent article has demonstrated that the price of college tuition has been growing for years, and there are now estimates that a 4-year degree will cost thousands within decades. This is before we even start considering other costs, such as accommodation, student books, and day-to-day living.

How Life Insurance Supports Education Planning

A Life Insurance Policy is generally regarded as a way to protect your family financially if you happen to die too soon. Yet some Life Insurance products do better by doubling up as an investment tool to achieve goals such as a child education fund.

Life Insurance as an Investment

Investment-grade Life Insurance, which is generally permanent Life Insurance Policies that have a feature allowing the policy to accrue cash value over time. This cash can be borrowed against or withdrawn, tax-free during your lifetime, providing flexible funds for use on qualified schooling costs in the future.

Benefits of Life Insurance Investments

These whole Life Insurance Investments are beneficial in that they grow tax-deferred. There are also Life Insurance Plans available with flexibility in premiums and withdrawals that will evolve as your financial situation changes year over year.

Life Insurance Quotes and Policies

When it comes to Life Insurance for educational planning, the only way to find the best policy (the one with the most beneficial terms) is through comparison from multiple Life Insurance Quotes. This makes it easy to see what different Life Insurance Providers offer in terms of features and benefits. This is where Life Insurance Brokers can come in handy to help you sift through a maze of insurance products to ensure you end up purchasing what fits your needs best.

Choosing the Right Policy

A good Life Insurance plan should not just cover you in the event of your death but also allow for other benefits to help you and your family while you are alive. When it comes to educational planning, seek policies that come with a savings component – typically seen in whole life or universal life.

The Role of Life Insurance Brokers

Life Insurance advisors are crucial in finding the best policy for you. They are also trained in various Life Insurance Policies and can direct you to one that has a high opportunity for making an educational investment. In addition, brokers can help you make changes to your policy as your financial situation and educational financing requirements change.

Comparing Life Insurance Providers

Different Life Insurance Providers offer different plans, benefits, and rates. The reputation of each provider, the flexibility of their policies, and their experience in delivering educational funding solutions should play a key role in deciding which suite is right for you. Others could provide access to plans designed for saving in a 529 as well, which might make them more appealing for parents with young children.

Life Insurance Policy Canada: Specific Considerations

Certain issues related to the appropriate life policy for educational planning need special attention in Canada. These might include the stability of the provider, what policy loans or withdrawal options exist (and especially whether there are any tax implications of one kind or another), and how these may fit in with other alternatives for educational savings like an RESP.

Long-Term Benefits

The long-term benefits of including a child education plan as part of your Life Insurance are enormous. Preparing in advance ensures that the money will be there when your child goes to college or university, no matter what happens to you. Even more than that, simply the peace of mind to know that your child has been taken care of with their education is priceless.


Parents who are looking to save money in order to secure their child’s education future would find this one of the best gifts you can provide. A Life Insurance Policy with an education rider is a double-barrel offering that ensures your family’s financial liabilities arising from the untimely demise and provides a strong investment opportunity to cover educational expenses. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to contact one or more Life Insurance Brokers or providers in order to explore your options and obtain Life Insurance Quotes that are specifically designed around financing your child’s future education. Here is a little something for you to remember — now is the best time to plan your child’s future. If you act today or tomorrow, your child may get the whole world as an oyster.

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